Mission Statements

The mission statement for Raimon Land embodies the following key elements :
  • It is committed to providing its customers with innovative products that exceed their expectations by fully understanding their needs and aspirations.
  • As a leading Thai real estate developer, it will strive to improve the quality of property development in the country through utilisation of best practices in all construction disciplines as well as through the establishment of new standards in estate planning, environmental controls and ongoing management.
  • It will ensure that it conducts all its business in a fair and transparent manner dealing honestly with its customers, suppliers, contractors and vendors and with open communication channels for any stakeholder to express themselves to management and directors.
  • It will act as a good corporate citizen which encourages and supports civic improvement, sound charitable causes, education and environmental protection.
  • It will seek to create a working environment for its staff that recognises and rewards excellent performance, provides equal opportunities for all staff to grow within the company to reach their full career potential, and offers job satisfaction and pride in the company.
  • It is committed to financial stability, market share growth, sustainable profit growth and protection of shareholder value.

As its corporate objective, Raimon Land seeks to establish essential new standards in design, convenience, functionality and value in property development with Thailand.