Mr. Sataporn Amornvorapak

Policy Governing Company Secretary

The Board of Directors has stipulated a requirement for Company Secretary. Appointment of Company Secretary takes into considerations relevant rules, regulations and good corporate governance. The Company Secretary is required to have background in laws or accounting, and preferably been trained under relevant programs. The Company Secretary is expected to provide legal advices to the Board of Directors in conjunction with supervising activities of Board of Directors. In addition, the Company Secretary is required to organize meetings, prepare relevant documents, and ensure that resolutions of the Board of Directors have been carried out.

In 2019, the Company Secretary is Mr. Sataporn Amornvorapak - Executive Director, Member of Enterprise Risk Management Committee and Chief Finance Officer, on the ground that he has relevant experience and is qualified for such position. The required attributes and roles and responsibilities of Company Secretary are as follows:

Required Attributes for Company Secretary
  • Has a thorough understanding on the Company’s business, roles and responsibilities of Company Secretary, responsibilities of the Board of Directors, and possesses knowledge of relevant rules and regulations
  • Performs roles and responsibilities according to applicable rules and regulations, codes, article of associations with the utmost care, honesty, integrity, and commitment with the aim to achieve the Company’s objectives under good corporate governance
  • Strictly adheres to integrity and good conducts and always takes into consideration every stakeholder, in addition to refraining from any activities that might negatively affect the Company’s reputation
  • Ensures the Company’s confidentiality and does not seek any personal benefits or gains from any type of business dealings
  • Has excellent interpersonal skill and is capable of coordinating with various internal and external parties
Roles and Responsibilities of Company Secretary
  • Provides preliminary advices to the Board of Directors in relation to rules and regulations of the Company as well as ensures that such rules and regulations are being enforced
  • Coordinating and facilitating shareholder and Board of Director meetings as per stipulated by the Company’s rules and regulations
  • Organizing, preparing agendas for and taking minutes of board meetings and annual general meetings as well as ensuring that all resolutions either by shareholders or by the Board of Directors are carried out
  • Organizing and preparing statutory books including: Register of Board of Directors, Annual Reports, Invitation Letters for shareholder and Board of Director meetings
  • Bookkeeping of report of conflict of interests whether by Directors and/or management as well as ensuring that such report is submitted to relevant authorities
  • Overseeing information distribution and disclosure to relevant authorities as per applicable rules and regulations