No. Name Position Title
1. Mr. Korn Narongdej Chairman of Executive Committee
2. Mr. Lee Chye Tek Lionel Executive Director
3. Mr. Lee Chye Cheng Adrian Executive Director
4. Mr. Sataporn Amornvorapak Executive Director
5. Mr. Waroon Warawanisha Executive Director
6. Mr. Manatase Annawat Chief Marketing Officer
Scope of Authority, Duties and Responsibilities of the Executive Committee
  1. In relevant with all aspects of day-to-day operations, the Executive Committee has authorities to determine policies, directions, strategies, business plans, budget, management structure and manage all operations of the Company. The Executive Committee shall propose the business plan which is in line with economic conditions for the Board of Directors’ consideration and approval. The Executive Committee shall monitor and follow up the operating result to be in accordance with policies, business plan and strategies of the Company.
  2. Monitor, follow up and report the operating result and financial status of the Company and its subsidiaries as well as the important issue to the Board of Directors regularly.
  3. Supervise and monitor the performance and financial status of the company and its subsidiaries, including any other important matters that the Board of Directors should acknowledge, by reporting to the Board of Directors regularly.

The Executive Committee has no authority to approve a transaction that may create a conflict of interest; that would benefit a member of the Executive Committee or connected person; that would conflict with the Company or its subsidiaries as per regulations by Stock Exchange of Thailand. Such transaction must be submitted to the Board of Directors and/or shareholders meeting for approval, as required by the Company’s Articles of Association and relevant laws.